What is Holistic Nutrition?
Holistic nutrition centres on a natural approach to a healthy diet and considers the individual as a whole (physical, emotional & spiritual), to create a state of well-being for optimal health & energy. This approach encourages the use of whole, live, natural, good-quality & nutrient-dense foods as well as simple lifestyle changes as a means of helping to prevent many health problems & to bring balance back to the individual by getting to the root of the issue.

Why go to a Holistic Nutritionist?
A holistic nutritionist is trained in proper nutrition principles, which are at the basis of good health. They recognize that each person is biochemically distinct & has unique nutritional needs, as such, they are able to customize a nutritional plan to fit the needs & health goals of each individual. A holistic nutritionist will work directly with a person to create a successful wellness program incorporating food & lifestyle modifications.

I consider myself to be fairly healthy.  Would there be any benefit for me to see a Holistic Nutritionist?
Changing our eating and lifestyle habits is not only to try and feel better from something that is troubling us, it is also a way to prevent future concerns from arising.  Even those who consider themselves squeaky clean would be surprised what a little tweaking to their routine can do for their longterm health!

I don’t live in Ottawa, do we need to meet in person?
No!  Our consultations can be done via telephone, email or Skype/Facetime.  I currently am taking clients from all over the world.